Student Debt

student debt

With all the types debts available in Singapore today, a lot of people jumps from one loan lender to the other which is why there are some who are having a hard time paying all the loans they got thus a mountain of debts have been chasing them now.

There may be a lot of reasons why a person is experiencing a financial problem, but even though we are having a difficult time, we should not stop ourselves from standing up once again and face whatever challenges we are conquering.

How to Conquering a Mountain Of Debts?

It may sound hard to pay a mountain of debts especially if you don’t have the funds and something of value that you could use to repay your debts, but with determination, you can surely find ways to solve your problem. So, here are four simple steps on you can overcome a mountain of debts:

1.    Check your cash flow

In checking your cash flow, you should know where your money has been going for the past months or years. You can do this through going back to your receipts, previous bank statements and debt repayments from banks and licensed moneylenders so you can determine where did things go wrong.

Having financial difficulties don’t just happen in one snap; it happens little by little over time, and you might haven’t seen that hence you got surprised when you suddenly realize that you are now having financial problems and you can’t pay your debts anymore.

2.    Cut unnecessary expenses

After you saw all your expenses for the past months, you can now determine which are not necessary, and you can omit. There are a lot of unnecessary expenses we make everyday that we didn’t realize how unimportant it is.

An example of this is your newspaper or magazine subscriptions, too high postpaid plans, cable television bundles and many more. These are just simple ways for you to save money, but it can surely help you a lot in gathering the money you need to pay your debts.

3.    Make a monthly budget

Making a personalized monthly budget is also a great way to save money especially if you will strictly follow your monthly budget. In your budget, make sure that your bills and debts are already included so you won’t cut short again with your expenses.

There are also some expenses you can save with such as your electric bill where you can unplug unused appliances at home, or you may opt to discontinue your gym subscription and utilize the use of your park instead of through jogging or walking.

4.    Apply money management skills

It might be very tempting to buy the things you used to have before, but you have, and that is to conquer your mountain of debts. Making a motivation on how to maintain specific financial goals is very important to stay on track. Paying debts is indeed hard, but after you had reached your goal already, it would surely be rewarding.